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Seahawks elevate Alex Collins for Wild Card game against Rams

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks started the 2020 regular season with a five game win streak, and on Saturday the team will take the field against the Los Angeles Rams to increase their current win streak to five games. It’s been a unique season across the NFL for multiple reasons, and for Seattle the uniqueness has included regularly taking advantage of the new practice squad elevation feature in the CBA.

With the postseason having arrived, the agreement reached between the NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association postseason elevations is now relevant.

It’s likely that the reason the elevations were limited to two per practice squad player during the regular season is that once a player reached the threshold of three games on the active roster they earn a credited season. That is relevant because credited seasons are what are used to determine a player’s minimum salary level, as well as a player’s eligibility for post-playing days benefits, including health insurance and a pension.

In addition, because players are paid a flat amount during the postseason depending on the team’s seeding and the round in which they are playing, postseason earning do not count against a team’s salary cap. Thus, Friday the Seahawks once again took advantage of the elevation feature in advance of the Wild Card game against the Rams.

This puts the team at 54 players for the third matchup between Seattle and Los Angeles this season, and gives the Hawks some added depth at running back. In addition, the elevation of Alex Collins likely means that Rashaad Penny, who was downgraded to Questionable by the team earlier Friday, will not be active for the game.