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Seahawks throw blankets to purchase for the fall and winter seasons!


It’s football season, which means we’re in the middle of autumn and winter is not too far away. That also means new products have dropped!

Our affiliate partners at FOCO just released a series of throw blankets for every NFL team. You know how damp and cold it can get in the Pacific Northwest during this time of year, so you gotta warm yourself up!

And unlike the current Seattle Seahawks defense, the throw blankets actually cover someone. (I kid... I kid? I wish I wasn’t being semi-serious here)

Check the gallery and you’ll see the following items in order:

Big Game Sherpa Lined Throw Blanket (Dimensions: Approx. 80 in x 60 in) - $60

Supreme Slumber Plush Throw Blanket (Dimensions: Approx. 60 in x 50 in) - $35

Team Property Sherpa Plush Throw Blanket (Dimensions: Approx. 60 in x 50 in) - $45

All blankets are officially licensed and imported.

These items were just released last month along with some other Seahawks-themed gear and apparel. When you click on the link below, make sure to click on “Home” on the left sidebar under “Categories” and those three throws will pop up! If you’re a FOCO member then there are free 30-day returns.

Click here to browse and purchase Seahawks apparel from FOCO