Bad defensive draft picks and trades finally catching up with the Hawks

I was thinking about something today and it kind of dawned on me that the last few years the Seahawks have been forced into some bad defensive trades due to the lack of defensive talent that has been picked in the draft.

First, lets go back to the 2017 draft where I think some of this started to begin. The Seahawks picked up Malik McDowell in the 2nd round with the 35th overall pick-This pick ended up being a real disaster as this guy decided he'd rather destroy his career before it even began.

Then, in the 3rd and 4th rounds they selected Shaq Griffin, Lano Hill, Naz Jones and Tedric Thompson- So of these picks lets talk about them just a bit. Shaq Griffin ended up being a VERY average corner at best and that is being generous as he didn't earn a second contract with the Seahawks and is currently being overpaid in Jacksonville. Lano Hill and Tedric Thompson, two of the worst safeties I think I have ever seen put on a Seahawks uniform-these two were SO bad it's crazy to think they even made it as long as they did on this team. Naz Jones only lasted two seasons and last I saw was released by the Bills over the summer and is currently a FA. That is 5 defensive draft picks that got little to no value for this team.

Now lets move onto the 2018 defensive draft picks- In the 3rd and 5th rounds the Seahawks picked Rasheem Green, Shaqueem Griffin, and Tre Flowers. In the 6th round they picked Jacob Martin. Rasheem Green is still on the team and full time starter on the defense and is starting to pan out pretty well. Shaqueem Griffin seemed like a great story for the team since he was here with his brother Quill but he contributed very little and is gone. Now that brings us to Tre Flowers, he's a starter on this team but HE ...IS ...TERRIBLE and will more than likely not receive a second contract. Jacob Martin, he was traded to the Texans in 2019 along with a 3rd round pick for Jadeveon Clowney-Yeah will get to this one in a minute. So out of this draft we have a respectable DT in Green and a shitty CB who is probably on the verge of getting benched.

2019 defensive draft picks- in the first round they picked DE LJ Collier while in the subsequent rounds they picked Marquise Blair, Cody Barton, Ugo Amadi, Ben Burr-Kirven and Demarcus Christmas. LJ Collier in 28 games has 3 sacks, 7 QB hits, 4 TFLs and isn't even in the current defensive line rotation which might not look good as a first round pick. Marquise Blair is a Safety that was drafted in the 2nd round-that has shown promise in plenty of games but was moved to slot CB to compete with Ugo Amadi (ANOTHER Safety) so I'm not sure if we'll ever get to see what he's truly capable of. Cody Barton and BBK have been decent ST players but back-up LBs at best. Demarcus Christmas barely lasted on the team for year before he was waived. So this draft we got an unproductive 1st round DE, a couple backup LBs who play on STs and 2 slot CBs.

2020 draft yielded Jordan Brooks, Darrell Taylor, and Alton Robinson-First round pick Jordan Brooks is showing A LOT of promise and basically took over for KJ Wright, Darrell Taylor missed his entire rookie season and is playing SS LB and is showing a lot of promise as well. The same goes for Alton Robinson-This draft has shown pretty good promise so far in regards to defensive picks. Tre Brown was the only defensive pick in 2021 and hasn't taken a single snap in the regular season. However, as you can see these earlier drafts from a few season ago are REALLY hurting this team because it forced the Seahawks to make stupid trades like giving up a 3rd round pick and 2 players for Jadeveon Clowney who was basically a one year wonder for this team. A fifth round pick was traded for Quinton Dunbar, another one year wonder that only lasted for 6 games for the Seahawks. Two safeties were drafted in 2019 but the CB position has been so bad that it forced them to be moved to slot CB-Forcing the front office to give up several draft picks for safeties Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams-I like the players but when you suck at drafting for a certain position (Ahem CB?) it forces you to wage up draft capital to get veteran players-CB is still a huge problem for this team along with scheme- Yeah we're looking at YOU KNJ.