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Sam’s Film Room: Is Jamal Adams being unfairly blamed?

Back in 2020, the Seattle Seahawks traded two firsts, a third, and safety Bradley McDougald to the New York Jets. In return, they received Jamal Adams and a future fourth rounder. At the time of this trade, I was actually very supportive of this move. The Seahawks desperately needed help in their secondary and Jamal Adams was coming off his second all-pro recognition.

The big question back then was whether or not Pete Carroll and Ken Norton Jr. could make the most of his obvious talents. Would they put him in a defined role? Or would they be creative in his usage to maximize his gifts?

In this video, I discussed Jamal Adams, his role with the Seahawks, and how he’s playing so far during the 2021 season. The question I had while going through this film was whether or not Adams was being unfairly blamed for the Seahawks’ struggles?

My answer to this question is: Yes! This video is over 12 minutes long. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Note: If the video above does not play, please click “Watch on YouTube” or follow this link!