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Will Sidney Jones finally get some defensive snaps? Pete Carroll says ‘you’ll see’

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The struggles of the Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks in pass coverage has led to the obvious question: why haven’t we seen Sidney Jones play one defensive snap since he was acquired via trade before the start of the regular season?

Well this was Pete Carroll’s answer after the loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Tre Flowers and D.J. Reed have been on the field for every defensive play this season, and I think the results speak for themselves. At Friday’s pre-game press conference, Carroll didn’t want to tip his hand when asked whether or not we’ll see him on the defensive side of the field.

Jones has played all 24 of his snaps on special teams, but that’s definitely not why they traded for him. The former University of Washington star has struggled with injuries in the pros, but his 2020 with the Jacksonville Jaguars figured to be his best season to date.

The prevailing thought among Seahawks fans is that something’s gotta change, whether that’s change of defensive coordinator of change of personnel. Flowers has drawn the most ire pretty much for his entire Seahawks career, but he has only ever lost his starting job through injury, at which point we got to see D.J. Reed go from slot to outside and now he’s #1 on the depth chart.

If we do see Jones get some time at cornerback, don’t be surprised if it’s more in a rotational role where we see Jones and Flowers alternate series, something we’ve seen at other positions for the Seahawks this season. Whatever the case, it’s more than time to see what Jones can provide.