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Snap Reactions: Observations from Seahawks snap counts in loss to Steelers

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith gave it his best effort, but the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 6, though they really just lost to T.J. Watt.

Here are the snap counts and a couple observations from Week 6:

Offensive Observations:

  1. I still do not understand Gerald Everett. He’s really good, and Russell Wilson has historically loved hitting the tight end.

Not only are Everett’s targets far lower than expectation this year, but he has these games where his on-field presence vanishes. It’s weird.

2. Was thoroughly unaware DeeJay Dallas was out there that much. I think he’s an interesting kick returner if for no other reasons than he makes good touchback decisions and just runs straight really hard, but there must have been quite a few more plays towards the end of the game when Alex Collins was more hurt than I had realized. He did fine.

3. Phillip Dorsett finally saw the field in a Seahawks uniform.

4. Freddie Swain more snaps than DK Metcalf interesting for a couple of reasons. No, it’s not because Metcalf got benched for one of the dumbest plays of his career. Freddie Swain is a fine WR3, and indeed has been better and more clutch than many would have admitted this summer. But running so much three and four receiver sets at the expense of two tight ends whom I’d argue are better for this offense than Swain is annoying. From everything we have seen and heard from and about both Pete Carroll and Shane Waldron, it seems like an inconsistency, and would love for them to be asked more about this.

Defensive Observations:

  1. Alton Robinson with one snap. I have given up trying to figure out what Carroll is trying to figure out at defensive end, because it’s ludacris. Guess what Robinson’s one snap was? Offsides on third down that resulted in a Steelers first. He’s the second-best pass rusher so if he was benched for that it is a fireable decision.
  2. Sidney Jones got hurt early enough that Tre Brown was able to see 40 snaps in his first game back, and um, wow. Let’s keep this dude out there for a bit and have two corners that actually play the ball.
  3. At this point I’ve concluded 2021 Kerry Hyder is better than 2021 Carlos Dunlap, and would prefer him to be driving the energy off the front than Dunlap.
  4. Marquise Blair had a huge jump up to 31 snaps after playing only 18 the week before. Unfortunately, as much as I’ve advocated for Blair to be given free run, his missed tackle on Najee Harris was infuriating. His big wow factor is hard hitting, and the hesitancy on that play was uncharacteristic of him, but perfectly characteristic of the defense this year.
  5. Ryan Neal back on the field and did well.

Seattle has an extra day to get their hot mess together against the New Orleans Saints on Monday.