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Sports Illustrated ranks Seahawks in the ‘Get ‘em next year’ section of power rankings

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have admittedly not looked great the last few weeks but it is also unfair to really judge this offense now with Russell Wilson out of the lineup. However, Sports Illustrated’s Gary Grambling has released his power rankings for this week and has judged the Seahawks quite hard, placing them 23rd.

Again, sure, the Seahawks have not looked great but wait until you hear some of Grambling's rankings. First, he lists every team in a tier system and he has the Seahawks situated in “Get ‘em next year” along with the Giants, Washington Football Team, and the Atlanta Falcons. He has the 1-5 Giants ranked right behind Seattle at 24 and says that “their young quarterback [Daniel Jones] is emerging.”

He also lists the winless Detroit Lions at 29th, with three teams behind them. To top that, he has the 2-4 Indianapolis Colts, who the Seahawks defeated on the road in Week 1 as his 14th best team and that they are in his “Darkhorse contender” tier. He says of the Colts, “Basically, they’re a mortal lock to win the AFC South.”

Yeah, I don't know.