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No moral victories, but Seahawks have lost to a bunch of winners

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a really long time since one unnamed Field Gulls “writer” espoused that the Seattle Seahawks had only played bad teams.

Fast forward a few weeks, and don’t look now but Seattle has actually played a bunch of studs.

Tennessee Titans: 4-2, with a recent win over AFC East leading Buffalo Bills

Derrick Henry has absolutely killed the entire NFL, which should make anyone feel better about the Hawk D, had the Hawk D played well against, say, anybody else. But they’ve got a ton of offensive talent and just enough playmakers on defense to make things interesting.

Minnesota Vikings, 3-3 with a recent win over a once-undefeated Carolina Panthers

Basically, the same formula. The Vikings have clawed their way back to the best point differential in the NFC North and their one-point loss to the Arizona Cardinals is closer to reality than to a huge fluke.

Los Angeles Rams, 5-1 with Aaron Donald still on the roster, unfortunately

Whatever. The Rams suck and Quandre Diggs did his best to beat them by himself until that whole thing where L.A. ran the same play four times and got like 80 yards out of it. But the Rams are the only team to have beaten Tom Brady this calendar year, so they’re good too.

Pittsburgh Steelers, not good

This is the one that hurts. BUT:

  • Out Russell Wilson
  • Out Chris Carson
  • Darrell Taylor knocked out
  • Sidney Jones knocked out
  • Damien Lewis knocked out
  • and a Geno Smith fumble away from a real shot at taking the thing anyway

This is still the NFL, and eventually the win column needs to swell like Travis Homer’s offseason biceps, but truly the Seahawks have been playing some winners this year. Unfortunately, we’re used to them coming away with some wins over the winners. Seattle needs to take advantage of a few opportunities ahead of them in the weeks ahead.