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Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 4: Joe Fann

Former Seahawks beat writer and current host of the Bet To Wynn podcast joins Jacson in the Cigar Lounge.

Really excited about this one. One of my favorite members of the Seahawks beat and host of one of the best sports betting podcasts out there, Joe Fann joins me and Mike to cover a lot of ground in a really strong hour of discourse.

Among the things we discuss:

*The loss to the Steelers and what it means moving forward

*The upcoming showdown with the Saints

*Is the marriage between Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson salvageable after this season?

*Plus, gambling tips!

All that and much more is in the latest episode of the Cigar Thoughts podcast, so light one up and enjoy!

You can listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. If you like it, you can leave us a 5-star review, as that feedback means a ton to us and will help build momentum for this show as we move it forward.

Cheers, y’all.





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