A Great Punter in Horrible situations?

Like a casual Saturday stroll, I've been watching Michael Dickson do feats and wonders that would impress The Avengers. It's like watching Beethoven create symphonies, Rome conquering most of the world, the development of Bitcoin by a pseudonym.

And then, this last week, I thought I saw something disturbing on the horizon. An unexpected storm. And the more I looked, the more it's been confirmed. My soul weeps. Let's look see what the black symbols on white background (on my computer screen) tell us:

At Pittsburgh (L)

1st Quarter 4:55 - 4th and 10 at the Pit 43

3rd Quarter 9:45 - 4th & 14 at the Pit 39

Vs LA Rams (L)

1st Quarter 10:41 - 4th & 3 at the LAR 43

At San Fran (W)

1st Quarter 3:45 - 4th & 15 at SF 43

4th Quarter 4:39 - 4th & 4 at SF 43

At Minnesota (L)

Nothing here...move along.

Vs Tennessee (L)

3rd Quarter 5:49 - 4th & 3 at Ten 48

At Indianapolis (W)

4th Quarter 1:48 - 4th & 10 at Ind 45

If we eliminate the two wins, we are left with the four losses. Brilliant deduction I know. We are also left with this:

3 fourth downs inside the opponents 45

1 of those was inside the 40(!!!)

1 was at the 48.

Now two of those games were lost by three points. an business analyst by trade, I jump to a lot of conclusions, mostly right (lets just assume your argument is wrong to speed the process along because it most likely is), I come to a couple possible situations here. Either, Jason Myers has an injury no one is talking about or he is suddenly much weaker than last year when he nailed a 61 yard field gull. And if my memory serves me right...he has a couple extra yards on that kick if we needed it.

Unfortunately, that combined with a lot of other non-directly related data points, I believe Pete Carroll is getting too conservative, too conservative, doesn't trust his players to do their jobs, or a combination of all of that and other things. This doesn't even take into account the possibility of Russ working magic like he tends to do.

Couple all of this with watching Russ do what he did at the end of the game last week and I have returned to the idea that Russ is the long term direction and not Pete.