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Notes from press conferences after the Seahawks’ third consecutive loss

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The above image of Geno Smith is probably what most of us looked like last night, after we had finished yelling at the television and/or ranted on Twitter. Many of the Seahawks seemed to express a similar defeated feeling last night at the podium, and even though they promised to be optimistic, it was clear from their body language that the wind has been taking out of their sails. Most players kept their comments short, so there isn’t a whole lot to get to, but here’s what you should know from last night’s press conferences, starting with Pete Carroll’s updates on Marquise Blair and Brandon Shell.

Carroll’s most notable comment from last night, which has drawn all kinds of attention on social media:

Reflections from Geno Smith, Bobby Wagner, and Alex Collins on the loss and not having Russell Wilson:

The Seahawks had many chances to win that game, but failed to finish once more. Here’s Pete Carroll on the team’s inability to close out wins, as well as one of the many plays that may very well have cost the Seahawks the game.