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It’s possible that Chris Carson could be done for the season

Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Chris Carson has not played in almost a month, last carrying the ball 13 times for 30 yards in a win on the road vs the San Francisco 49ers. The Seattle Seahawks’ starting running back has been battling a neck injury that kept him out over the past three weeks, and he’s currently on injured reserve until at least after the bye week.

Seattle has not had an ETA for when Carson may be ready to return, and on Friday afternoon they revealed some potentially crushing news.

“[Carson has] got to make a turn here, show us that he is feeling better and good enough to really go for it,” Carroll said at the press conference. “He hasn’t been able to come out to practice yet and go.”

Carson has never played a full season in his career, constantly battling injuries throughout his five seasons in the NFL. But if he is indeed done for the year, his four games played would tie the fewest in a season of his career, dating back to his rookie year in 2017 when he suffered a fractured ankle.