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Marshawn Lynch appointed NFLPA inaugural brand ambassador

NFL: OCT 18 Panthers at Seahawks Photo by Joshua Weisberg/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch keeps doing his thing.

One of the all-time most public faces of the Seattle Seahawks is off to his next adventure. This time, he’s leading a new position among the NFL Players Association.

Lynch has been remarkably active in his NFL absence, ranging from TV show appearances to partnering with sports betting sites to announcing Seattle Kraken draft picks. He’s always been reported to handle his money well, and it seems like helping players make the most of the opportunity they have is part of his goal with the position. Lynch famously ended his career by telling the future generation of athletes to “take care of your chicken.” That was a warning to be financially wise, in his own particular flavor.

Beast Mode has also been called one of the best teammates ever by dozens of athletes over the years, from Max Unger to his former Raiders teammates to the guys two years ago on his final Seahawks stint.

Looking forward to the first time Lynch says something the NFLPA was not expecting, because it’s bound to happen.