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Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 2: Danny O’Neil

One of the most venerated voices in Seattle sports media joins Jacson and Mike in the cigar lounge to chop up the legacy of Pete Carroll, the stardom of DK Metcalf, the win over the 49ers, and tonight’s showdown against the Rams.

You won’t find many people with a more impressive resume within Seattle sports media than today’s guest. Former Seahawks beat writer, drive-time radio host, and future Pete Carroll author Danny O’Neil enters the cigar lounge to lend his unique perspective on the following:

*Urban Meyer’s shenanigans

*The rough start and sharp turnaround against the Niners

*Is DK Metcalf the coolest player in the NFL? And how worried are we about his future?

*The difference between the 2010-2015 Pete Carroll and the 2016-present Pete Carroll

*How the Seahawks beat the Rams

*And lots more

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