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Injury Update: Russell Wilson had surgery Friday

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Following a third quarter injury to the middle finger on the throwing hand of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson fans and observers have been waiting for an update on exactly what the injury was and how it would be treated. In what is not a surprising development, late Friday Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network has reported that Wilson’s finger has been surgically repaired, and that the procedure required the finger to be stabilized with screws.

How long his recovery will take and what it will mean remains to be seen. However, given that screws were used in the stabilization procedure, according to Field Gulls medical consultant and retired orthopaedic surgeon Dr. John Gilbert, the use of screws would tend to indicate a bony avulsion and the screws would be used to hold the pieces of bone together. There are methods for surgical repair using screws that would not involve the bone being broken, but those tend to be less common according to Dr. Gilbert.

So, what it means is that fans are still largely in the dark regarding the specifics of the finger injury Wilson suffered, but his recovery timeline has started meaning the next step will be to see whether he stays on the 53 man roster or if he is moved to injured reserve at some point prior to the Week 6 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.