Metcalf, Goalpost, Get NFL Foursome Treatment

DK Metcalf’s personal excitement in response to scoring a touchdown on Sunday escalated into untoward touching of a goal post, and publicly initiated the first penal action of its kind at an NFL game on Sunday.

According to Metcalf, "I took a look at that goalpost when we were back on the 38--just lookin’. I really love the end zone. I’ve been around a lot of other people’s end zones, and I don’t know what came over me right then, but that post needed some love."

Once in the endzone, Metcalf dropped the football and wrapped his body around the post.

That’s when the league got in on the action, consummating the penal activity that commenced on the field.

Two parties involved in the unusual foursome of: Metcalf, the NFL Competition and Conduct Committees, and the post, approached Metcalf’s excitement in an unexpected way, confirming a need to immediately take further action addressing Metcalf, simultaneously.

The league confirmed, "Metcalf was participating in behavior not appropriate for sportsmen on the field of play, so after we took a look at it, we had to put our best guys on him."

Metcalf’s unsolicited affections toward the post invited the referee’s attention, at which time both the Competition and Conduct Committee’s affinities immediately sprung into action. The Competition Committee’s renowned commitment to sportsmen and conduct, and the Conduct Committees stance on unwanted sexual touching were both immediately aroused.

The referee, who hurried to engage Metcalf’s actions in the end zone, reportedly was not further involved in the matter, and returned to the field of play.

After the game, the goalpost could not comment, but groundskeepers confirmed that while briefly shaken by the event, it seemed wholly unaffected by the incident.