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Seahawks fans’ NFL rooting guide: Week 10

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Since teams decided to follow my rooting guide so well last week, I’ve decided to come back with a sequel for Week 10 on who Seahawks fans should root for in order to improve the Seahawks’ playoff positioning.

Root for the Tennessee Titans vs. the New Orleans Saints:

A loss for the Saints would drop them to 5-4, meaning the Seahawks could possibly be within one game on the #6 seed by the end of Week 10. Although the Saints hold the tie-breaker over the Seahawks, a continued slide for Trevor Siemian’s squad would certainly be welcome.

Root for the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Atlanta Falcons:

This is perhaps the most critical result for the Seahawks in Week 10, as the Falcons are currently the #7 seed in the NFC. A Falcons loss would mean that even if the Seahawks lose, they remain one game out of the final Wild Card spot (and without necessarily losing a tiebreaker to the Falcons).

Prefer the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Carolina Panthers:

The Panthers are pretty much toast at this point it seems, but another loss to drop them to 4-6 wouldn’t hurt.

Root for the Los Angeles Chargers vs. the Minnesota Vikings:

Rivaling the Cowboys/Falcons game as the most important matchup for Seahawks fans to watch this week, the Chargers-Vikings game could see Minnesota drop to 3-6, meaning a Seahawks win at Green Bay would put the ‘Hawks one game ahead of the Vikings without having to worry about a tie-breaker.

Bonus games:

These are all games in which the preferred result would benefit the Seahawks, despite the fact that the losing teams are all currently behind the Seahawks in the standings.

Root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team

Root for the Denver Broncos vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

Prefer the Los Angeles Rams at the San Francisco 49ers