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Report: Russell Wilson personally recruiting Odell Beckham Jr

NFL: OCT 13 Seahawks at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the drama continues, a new report indicates that both Russell Wilson and Sean Payton have personally reached out to Odell Beckham Jr. this week.

This report, originating from Jordan Schultz, is consistent with prior indications that Russell Wilson wants the Seattle Seahawks to sign Beckham, and that Beckham had at one point been strongly considering Seattle.

The supposed sources connected to Beckham have been all over the map for 48 hours, and normally none of this means much of anything until the player has a signed contract.

However, Russell Wilson continues to demonstrate that he cares about the functions of the franchise at a high level, as he indicated this offseason.

As was revealed this April, Wilson confided in Carlos Dunlap that he would play the 2021 season as a Seattle Seahawk, which greatly influenced Dunlap’s decision to return.

The minor chaos this week has brought back the narrative that Wilson leaving Seattle is a forgone conclusion, which I think is a false narrative. Miraculously, the Seahawks are still a legitimate playoff contender in 2021, provided they win at least one of their challenging games remaining.

His assertiveness in these negotiations is important because he’s an entire universe better than the quarterback situation for the New Orleans Saints, and this year’s Kansas City Chiefs have bigger question marks than the Seahawks.

Around the league, guys respect Russell Wilson, and he has refused to quit on making this team better.