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Best of Waldron Watch: Weeks 1-8

Seattle Seahawks v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

With the Seattle Seahawks coming off their bye week and set to head into their ninth contest of 2021, we have had nearly half of a season to get to know new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. Sitting at 3-5, with Geno Smith under center and Chris Carson struggling to get back onto the field, this is hardly where we wanted to see our beloved Seahawks at this point in the season. But Russell Wilson is returning, and now feels like a time for some optimism.

Since the team was off last weekend and with no new game film to sort through, I compiled one play from each week that stood out to me as a shining example of Shane Waldron at his best. Hopefully the guy who was able to coordinate some respectable performances out of Geno Smith will be able to do a whole lot more as he settles in with Russell Wilson back in the fold. And hopefully we will be seeing a lot more plays like the ones below.

Week 1

With the hire of Shane Waldron, many of us hoped to see plays like this. When the team drafted Dee Eskridge, that hope grew momentously. And it has been a damn shame that a concussion has kept the MAC rookie out since Week 1. But optimism reigns, and hopefully we will be seeing this much more frequently now. Out of 11-personell, the o-line does a great job selling the fake to Carson, which completely takes unblocked defensive End Al-Quadin Muhammad out of the play. Gerald Everett sets an excellent block to spring Dee for a big gain.

Week 2

This is a really interesting playcall; the Seahawks run this out of 11-personel, but they snap the ball with nobody in the backfield. Travis Homer is in the slot right, and Gerald Everett is tight with the Left Tackle. Both he and Homer stay at home to block before releasing to the flats. Lockett is in the left slot, with DK Metcalf and Freddie Swain out wide on the right and left sides, respectively. DK and Tyler break their routes off a little past the sticks, but Swain keeps going... and going... and going, all the way to the house. The Titans blew this one, but I also think it is a good example of calling a play that catches the defense napping on the deep ball; Tennessee sold out to stop the first, and as a result failed to realize that they didn’t have safety help over the top.

Week 3

There wasn’t a lot to like about this game, as this was the last time Seattle would put points on the board for the day. But the offense went out in style, as this is just great blocking on the zone run to the left, and I think that every single linemen for Seattle does their job well on this play. Give Carson an inch and he’ll take a yard. Give him daylight like this and the last thing you’ll see is the back of his jersey while he is thundering towards the end zone.

Week 4

And this is why football is more fun when Russ is on the field. ‘Nuff said.

Week 5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

(highlight reel missing)

Week 6

I am going to keep championing these draw plays, as Travis Homer continues to lead all Seahawks running backs with his stellar 6.7 YPC. DeeJay Dallas seems to be Homer’s biggest competition, as he has one more carry and the same number of receptions (8 — tied for the lead among Seattle backs), but Travis has been far more efficient on both accounts. Homer can thrive in this role as a third down back who is willing to block and can create as a runner and receiver with the right play calling.

Week 7

This was one of those plays that really blew my mind. Handing the ball off to Gerald Everett on the sweep caught the entire defense by surprise. Out of 12-personell, Will Dissly and Everett are aligned opposite each other, bookending the tackles, with Lockett and Metcalf out wide. Tyler sells his route before pulling up and blocking, and Dissly does a phenomenal job to set a great block for his fellow Tight End. As a result we got to see one of the more fun plays of the season. Great job by the line, as well.

Week 8

Great play, great catch. Gerald Everett and Alex Collins both stay home to block, and with a decent pocket, Geno Smith is able to deliver a strike where only Metcalf could make the play. Just a great example of where playcalling and execution come together to form an unstoppable offensive force. Lockett and Swain both run short routes and Shaquill Griffin is left to cover Metcalf one-on-one. Big mistake.


I have thoroughly enjoyed what Shane Waldron has brought to Seattle. While the final results haven’t always been what we hoped for, this team could certainly be doing a lot worse than sitting at 3-5 (they could be 1-7, for example, because even the worst version of this team still could have beat Jacksonville). With just over half the season remaining for this squad, and with the return of Russell Wilson imminent, I am choosing to look at the bright side of this team; Shane Waldron looks to be setting up for the long haul in Seattle. DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and now Dee Eskridge are a formidable corps of Wide Receivers. Gerald Everett and Will Dissly are more than capable Tight Ends. The situation at Running Back remains uncertain, but early reports are looking good for Chris Carson. It is unrealistic to say “the sky is the limit” for the 2021 Seahawks, as they play in a division that currently features two of the best teams in the league. But without a first round draft pick this year, this team has little to lose and a lot to gain by winning some ball games.

But these were just my picks. I would love to hear some of y’all share your favorite offensive plays from the Seattle Seahawks’ 2021 season so far in the comments below.