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The Rams signed Odell Beckham Jr and Twitter reacted

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means the NFL trade deadline has passed and team rosters are pretty much set for the stretch run. Except, of course, for when they’re not like when the Cleveland Browns on Monday released three time Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, setting off a storm of speculation from fans of teams across the NFL.

Multiple fanbases, from the Seattle Seahawks to the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers and all the way to the New England Patriots, were certain the best landing spot for OBJ would be with their team. Then, of course, Sean McVay and Les Snead swooped in and, without sending any draft picks to any other team, added Beckham to the roster of the Los Angeles Rams.

That, of course came as a surprise to many, and Twitter does what it often does in those situations, react entirely rationally.

In any case, before reports even emerged that the Rams could be involved, Los Angeles cornerback Jalen Ramsey hinted something could be coming by retweeting his own retweet from the week prior, just before Von Miller was acquired from the Broncos.

And before too long the Rams team account made it official.

In any case, here are some other reactions from Twitter.

In any case, at least the Seahawks will be back on the field this Sunday, meaning there will be actual football to discuss soon.