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Week 10 results around the NFL went terribly for the Seahawks

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it seems the luck from Week 9 wasn’t destined to continue.

After the league perfectly followed my Week 9 Seahawks rooting guide, everything fell apart in Week 10. For starters, the Carolina Panthers dismantled the Arizona Cardinals, bringing them to .500 and the 7th seed. The Philadelphia Eagles, who have a remarkably easy remaining schedule, dropped the Denver Broncos to improve to 4-6. The Minnesota Vikings, who have a tie-breaker on the Seahawks, won against the Los Angeles Chargers to improve to 4-5. And worst of all, the San Francisco 49ers won to move ahead of the ‘Hawks in the division (and the all-important Wild Card race) with a 4-5 record of their own.

Even though the Seahawks got some nice results in the early window, with both the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons losing, the theme of the day was certainly negative for Seattle. To add insult to injury, the Football Team stifled the Buccaneers at home to improve to 3-6. The Seahawks will head there in two weeks in which could very well prove to be an elimination game.

With this week’s results in mind, here are the playoff chances given to the Seahawks by a number of models:

FPI: 13%

FiveThirtyEight: 17%

New York Times: 13%

Football Outsiders: 19% (not accounting for SF’s MNF win)