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Seahawks fans’ NFL rooting guide: Week 11

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

After Week 9 went so well for the Seahawks, Week 10 was a disaster; not only did the Seahawks lose to the Packers, but they also only got two of the seven desired results from last week’s rooting guide. Let’s hope for some better luck this week. Also notice that there is no “bonus” section this week. We pretty much need everyone to lose.

Root for the New England Patriots at the Atlanta Falcons

It’s become a little easier to root for New England since Tom Brady left, and after how they looked against the Browns, I think cheering for the Pats Thursday night will be somewhat bearable, as they’ll be the winning team. A loss for the Falcons would be amazing for the ‘Hawks, as it would drop them to 4-6. While we’re on the subject on the NFC South, it is worth noting that the division does still have a lot of divisional games to be played (which will all have winners), so out-of-division losses are especially important where we can get them.

Root for the Baltimore Ravens at the Chicago Bears

Honestly, who even knows who the Ravens are at this point? Considering how hard they’ve been to figure out this year, and how Justin Fields has looked pretty good in his last two starts, this one has me feeling a little nervous. The Bears currently sit even with the Seahawks at 3-6.

Prefer the Green Bay Packers at the Minnesota Vikings

Fresh off of a stinging loss in Green Bay, I won’t implore that you root for Green Bay so much as you be just a little happier should they win. A Minnesota win would be brutal for the ‘Hawks, as they’d move up to 5-5 with a tie-breaker in hand. This is probably the most crucial result to look out for this week.

(Barely) Root for the Washington Football Team at the Carolina Panthers

This is going to be a fascinating game to watch this week, with both teams riding high after huge upsets. While I don’t want the Football Team to have too much momentum going into the Seahawks matchup in two weeks, the Panthers loss to drop Carolina to 5-6 is slightly more crucial at this time. There are positives to be taken from either outcome, though, as a loss would drop WFT to 3-7.

Root for the Jacksonville Jaguars vs the San Francisco 49ers

Fairly self-explanatory.

Root for the New Orleans Saints at the Philadelphia Eagles

Just like the WFT/Carolina game, there are positives for either outcome, but I’m hoping for a Saints win despite their better record AND the fact they hold the tie-breaker over Seattle. At this point, I’ve sort of accepted that the Seahawks are fighting for the seventh spot, and despite a few tough games coming up, I think the Saints are good enough that they won’t fall a game behind Seattle at any point (as they would need to for the tie-breaker to be rendered pointless) regardless of the outcome of this game . The Eagles, meanwhile, would improve to 5-6, and have a remarkably easy schedule the rest of way (2x NYG, 2x WAS, 1x NYJ) which could catapult them ahead of Seattle.

Root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the New York Giants

What a depressing thing to do, having to root against Daniel Jones so that he doesn’t move ahead of us in the playoff picture. It’s almost as bad as having to watch the Giants play on Monday Night for the second time in the past month.