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Colin Cowherd: Pete Carroll has too much power within Seahawks organization

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Fox Sports talk show host Colin Cowherd has gone on tangents about the Seattle Seahawks from time to time over the last few years, often seeming as if some of these segments stem from inside information that he has been fed (Cowherd is from the Pacific Northwest and has some ties to the area).

On Tuesday, it was more of the same. He dove into the idea that Pete Carroll has way too much power within the organization, and he claims it has been that way since the passing of former team owner Paul Allen. Cowherd claimed that new owner Jody Allen isn’t much of a sports fan* and doesn’t take the same interest in the investment and success of the team that her brother once did.

* (Editor’s note: She has attended most if not all Portland Trail Blazers home games this season, and was credited by John Schneider for making Russell Wilson’s latest contract extension happen)

He also circled back to the same idea that he claims to have coined for the past three years: the Seahawks are in crisis. Between poor drafting, an outdated offense, a defense that has struggled for multiple years, and a future Hall of Fame quarterback that may be disgruntled, it’s all adding up, now spiraling to a current 3-6 record in 2021.

After Carroll put a large portion of the blame on the officiating for Sunday’s loss to the Packers, Cowherd also said he felt that signal was pretty desperate, believing that was only further proving his argument about all of the problems the Seahawks have.

Cowherd claims these issues are fixable, despite what he claims to be poor ownership, a frustrated franchise QB and a power-happy head coach. But the question remains: are they?

There’s no topic that brings out a more passionate debate among Seahawks fans these days than this very one. And one is likely to find a variety of different answers depending on who is asked.