2021 In Retrospect: Seahawk's Fate - Doom or Destiny


The Seahawk's lot is not set in stone. The Hawks have shown that they have the potential to overcome the odds. They have also shown they can crater at anytime.

Their likely fate, based on the season averages, is expressed in the gray fate line. The fate line is not encouraging as it shows the potential to end the season with only 7 or 8 wins ... it could be worse or better. The further away from the zero line, the more likely the win (above) or loss (below).

The zero line represents the opponent's season average points scored and allowed. The y-axis is also used to show Seahawk's actual game results for points scored and allowed.

Lines & Points

Green - Points scored (the single green triangle on the left y-axis is the average)

Yellow - Points allowed (the single yellow triangle on left y-axis is the average)

Red - Points scored vs opponent's points allowed season average

Blue - Points allowed vs opponent's points scored season average

Gray - Future Fate based on the season average of points scored and allowed for both teams

The usual disclaimer applies. The graph does not take into account any short term circumstances such as;

- Injury/Sickness

- Home/Away

- 3 or 5 game trends

- Weather

- Any other influence that can influence the outcome