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‘I have to grow up’ - DK Metcalf admits he needs to control his emotions

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When DK Metcalf steps onto a football field, he plays (and often dominates) the game with a fiery passion. It’s part of what makes him such a special talent at wide receiver.

Sometimes that passion enrages the opposition and ignites penalties in favor of the Seahawks. Although sometimes, they cause self-inflicted wounds.

Metcalf has now found himself letting the emotions get the best of him on three separate occasions this seasons, two of which have resulted in a penalty. One in Week 1 vs the Indianapolis Colts, a chirping match with Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in Week 7, and this past week’s scuffle in Green Bay which resulted in an ejection.

“I have to grow up,” Metcalf said to media at Thursday’s press conference. “I’m a passionate player and I’m never going to back down from anything,”

Metcalf shared that each time he has unleashed on one of his outbursts, he sits down with Pete Carroll to further discuss it and how he can work on channeling his in-game emotions.

Metcalf also feels that keeping his cool is a must, as he feels he has become one of the leaders of the team. A team that desperately needs his help if they want to spark a second half turnaround.