Acquiring O'Dell Beckham Jr.

The trade deadline is over i know. But one issue still remains. The Hawks Need A 3rd Receiver to go alongside Metcalf and Lockett. It's not a secret. Everybody knows.

Not to knock Swain, or Dorsett, or Eskridge. But since the Hawks cant throw more to TEs in their pass game for the life of them. It would be nice to have a real weapon at WR3 And accentuate the offense like the Cowboys with Cooper Gallup Lamb, or The Bucs with Brown, Evans, and Godwin.

Why can the Seahawks have nice things like Metcalf, Lockett, Beckham.

Now lets talk about the most pressing issue with Odell. He is injury prone. Currently he has a shoulder injury he is playing through . But shoulders heal and since he is playing through it, that says its not very serious and it probably just needs rest. By the time next season starts he'll likely be all healed up and long recovered from his past leg injuries. We all know he can catch.

Now the second most pressing concern is his contract. He is in Year 3 of a 5 year Deal and owed 15 million each of the next two seasons. Mainly for the reasons above and also a disconnection with Mayfield and the Browns passing game. A lot of signs are pointing to the Browns cutting him in the offseason and he will likely become a free agent who will be looking to sign a prove it deal or some bad team might overpay for a multiyear contract. But Odell might be looking to join a good team and may be more likely to restructure salary demands.

If the Browns retain Odell then making a trade for him and restructuring his contract would be the most ideal outcome. If the Hawks give up 2 day 3 picks and restructure at 8-12 mil apy. That could be a cap consideration the organization can absorb and still plan for paying DK and others coming up for contract expansions or extensions.

The offense needs a Y receiver. Lockett has been playing it mostly and hes fine but he is a natural z receiver. Beckham has ben playing the z as well but he will be 30 soon and has enough veteran experience to make a move to the Y. He has also played the Y A lot more this season. Then Lockett can move back to the Z spot. The Hawks definitely need more "dogs" in the locker room and i would consider from what I've seen of Beckhams personality through press conferences and in game. That is definitely the kind a person the Hawks need in their locker room. A veteran baller with a chip on his shoulder. And help a young DK and a humble Lockett. and the young depth receivers in Swain and Eskrigde can "compete" for the WR4 spot.

Obviously there are a lot more issues with the Hawks that need to be addressed but i just seem baffled the Hawks dont try and make moves like this. As if the Gm coaches and players are just content with what they've accomplished and have no hunger for more and to do better.

Russ will only be here for so long...