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Report: Colt McCoy expected to start as Kyler Murray continues to recover

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks have an opportunity to set themselves up for a late season run when they host the Arizona Cardinals in Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season. Things have not gone as planned so far this season for the 3-6 Seahawks, however, a win over the Cards would put them at 4-6 with the next three games against the Washington Football Team, the San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans.

That schedule would, of course, give the Hawks a very real chance to get above .500 heading into the Week 15 road trip to SoCal to take on Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams, but the first step in getting to that point is defeating the Cardinals. And, according to reports Arizona is likely to be without troublesome quarterback Kyler Murray, who continues to recover from an ankle injury.

The fact that Colt McCoy should start is likely welcome news to many Seattle fans, but it will bring back memories of a pair of the most forgettable, ugly losses during the Pete Carroll era. Most will remember the barf-inducing 17-12 loss to the New York Giants in 2020, while the overwhelming majority of fans have likely long since forgotten when McCoy went 20-35 for 178 yards and an interception for the Cleveland Browns while outdueling Charlie Whitehurst in the 6-3 game that made the 2016 6-6 tie against the Cardinals seem exciting.

In any case, the Seahawks will look to record their first win in NFL history against McCoy on Sunday, while also exorcising some of the demons Colt brings to the field, as he’s also been on the bench for several of Pete Carroll’s biggest disappointments over the past decade and a half including:

  • Colin Kaepernick’s backup in 2013 when the San Francisco 49ers defeated Seattle 19-17 in Week 14 (yes, he was also Kaepernick’s backup in the two wins over the 49ers that season)
  • Kirk Cousins backup in 2017 when the Washington Football Team defeated Seattle 17-14 in the Blair Walsh missfest and
  • A redshirt on the bench behind Vince Young during the 2005 seasons which ended with the Texas Longhorns defeating Pete Carroll’s USC Trojans for the National Championship.

In any case, it’s likely Murray is out and McCoy is in Sunday in Seattle, so if there was ever a time for the Seahawks defense to channel its inner Hatfield, Sunday afternoon seems like the time to do so.