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Gerald Everett, DK Metcalf, and Tyler Lockett are a trio to build around

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Through 10 weeks of 2021, only 23 players have averaged over 9.0 yards per target, minimum 40 targets.

Both Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf are among them.

It’s not hard to find a category that makes Lockett and Metcalf look good. They don’t need a lot of help.

But only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have two receivers with such efficient numbers this year.

Yards per target is good because when your friend says really dumb stuff like “DK Metcalf just drops the ball” you can say really smart stuff like two drops this year and 9.47 yards per target.

What’s most impressive about the two this year - because really it could be a lot better - is they’ve done this type of stuff on three games of Geno Smith and two games of Russell Wilson wishing he was as good as Geno Smith.

Absolutely atrocious quarterback play, the worst this city has seen in 10 years, and the wide receiver duo remains top of the class.

Add in Gerald Everett, who had 37 yards against the Arizona Cardinals, and I’d guess 29 of them after contact, and this team truly has some offensive weaponry.

It is a football crime of the highest order that this has been the year that Russell Wilson decided to vanish. Everett will undoubtedly be lost in the shuffle to casual fans in a few years, but he remains the best receiver after contact this franchise has ever put with Wilson. Marshawn Lynch does not count.

Unfortunately, the tight ends were strangely absent from the game plan at the beginning of the year, and Wilson has missed even more huge gains to Everett in his return.

Everett’s 88% catch rate is really good. Better than either top receiver this year. His contract might be a little high for his infrequent use this year, but not at all high for his talent.

Gerald Everett - 27 years old, $6 million. This year only

Tyler Lockett - 29 years old, $17.25 million average. Under contract through 2025 with a potential out in 2024.

DK Metcalf - 23 years old, rookie contract, makes about $1 million this year and next year. Up for free agency in 2023.

Obviously things have not gone the way anyone wanted this year, but seeing as how the oldest receiver on the team is in many ways the most effective - and under contract for the longest - this is a trio that the Seahawks could build around offensively. A two-year deal for Everett would keep them all together, as Metcalf is a franchise staple unless the team goes into complete tear down mode and uses him in a trade.

However, the potential with all three and a healthy Wilson - something we have not actually seen this year - is worth considering.

The team might need to go crazy next year looking for running backs and line upgrades, but these three? They should keep these three.