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News and notes from Seahawks’ Week 11 post-game pressers

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll’s expression in the thumbnail of this post is pretty much how we all felt after the Seahawks lost 23-13 to the Cardinals Sunday, to drop to a dismal 3-7 on the year. There was clear frustration on display at the postgame press conferences, with a hint of sadness as well. Let’s dig in to what you need to know from the team’s media availability, starting with what Gregg Bell picked up from a few veterans on their way home.

Moving on to Russell Wilson, who was interrogated extensively about his finger, potential rust in his game, what’s going wrong with the offense, and whether or not he wants to be in Seattle next year.

On to Tyler Lockett, who had a different answer for what was wrong offensively.

Now, on to Pete Carroll, who angrily left his press conference before taking a shower, changing clothes, and returning to the podium later on.

The Seahawks also came out of the game with a lot of injuries to key players.

And now notes from Pete Carroll’s Monday-morning debrief:

Then from the afternoon session, including a rebuttal to Lockett’s comments (of sorts) and the inevitable bad news update on Tre Brown.