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Rest of the NFC West, Week 11: Doomsday

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

With the season basically over, the purpose of this column will no longer be to determine where the Seattle Seahawks can look to prepare for important divisional matchups that will determine playoff seeding. Playoffs are no longer on the table in my opinion. However, it’s still worth tracking developments across the division, as we will still have to play each of these teams twice next season.

49ers destroy Jaguars, 30-10

In a nearly identical scoreline to the one the Seahawks managed to put up against Jacksonville in Week 8, the 49ers took care of business to get back to .500. Jimmy G was once again competent, and two key rookies in Trey Lance and Trey Sermon also saw the field. The 49ers might just be mediocre enough to get a playoff spot. This week’s matchup with Minnesota will be a big test.

Cardinals embarrass Seahawks, get healthier

To avoid talking about this game too much, I’ll just mention the major implication that is the continued rest for DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray. Murray should be good to go for Week 13, and although hamstrings can always be tricky, expect Hopkins to be playing then as well. The Cardinals are in a great spot to win the division, and a win in their second matchup against the Rams in Week 14 could all but finish the race.


Arizona Cardinals - 9-2 (4-0 DIV)

Los Angeles Rams - 7-3 (1-2 DIV)

San Francisco 49ers - 5-5 (1-3 DIV)

Seattle Seahawks - 3-7 (1-2 DIV)

Next Week

Arizona Cardinals on Bye Week

Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team

San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings