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We have a winner in the Field Gulls Survivor League!

Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

203 of you entered. One of you survived the gauntlet that is the Field Gulls Survivor League.

If you don’t know what the Survivor League is/was, every participant had to pick one winner from that particular weekend’s NFL games. A win advances you to the next week, while a tie or loss (so a non-win, essentially) eliminates you in an instant. There are no second chances in Survivor League.

In a season filled with surprise results, it’s actually a surprise in itself that we made it to Week 11. Yours truly got bounced in Week 8 after the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the New York Jets. I could’ve picked the Seahawks to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars but was really skittish about picking them to win any game with Geno Smith starting.

Entering last weekend, we only had a handful of players left. Evidently had some sort of Straight Talk Wireless sponsorship thing where you could get a second chance to stay in the competition despite my setting it to a single elimination, so some of the remaining competitors had already lost once.

The Tennessee Titans’ shock loss to the Houston Texans knocked everyone else out except the ultimate survivor: Mike P xicon97. He’d already used the Titans in Week 5 so he couldn’t use them again, so he went for the Cleveland Browns and they just did enough to beat the Detroit Lions. Here’s his road to the title:

Panthers over Jets
Patriots over Jets
Broncos over Jets
Bengals over Jaguars
Titans over Jaguars
Colts over Texans
Raiders over Eagles
Rams over Texans
Dolphins over Texans
Bills over Jets
Browns over Lions

So Mike P xicon97, if you’re a Field Gulls commenter feel free to go into the comments section below and make your championship winning speech, and I’ll leave it as the featured comment in this post.

As for everyone else, thanks for participating and we’ll do this again next year!