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Week 12 results around the NFL went well for the Seahawks

Syndication: The Record Danielle Parhizkaran/ / USA TODAY NETWORK

For those of you still holding out hope for a playoff berth for the Seahawks, Week 12 was pleasant.

Out of the results I outlined as positive for the Seahawks in Week 12’s rooting guide, four out of five went through, with the lone bad outcome being the Falcons’ 21-14 win at Jacksonville, which brought Atlanta to 5-6.

Aside from a tie, the Niners beating Minnesota was the best possible outcome for the Seahawks in that Week 12 matchup, as the Vikings being 6-5 with the tie-breaker over the ‘Hawks would be bad news. A 6-5 49ers team who the Seahawks have the tie-breaker over, and whom the Seahawks will play again this year, is much preferred.

The Eagles losing was a massive result that I did not expect. They are now 5-7, and although they still have an easy schedule remaining, that doesn’t matter if they can’t beat bad teams (a la the Seahawks).

The two AFC East teams that beat NFC South teams this week deserve some love. The Bills and Dolphins both sunk both the Saints and the Panthers further down in the standings, helping the Seahawks immensely, especially given the number of division games still in hand in the NFC South. The Saints are 5-6 (with tiebreaker over SEA), while Carolina joins Philly at 5-7.

Conference standings (before MNF)