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Enemy Reaction 2021: Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

I gotta admit, this might be the saddest Enemy Reaction I think I’ve ever done. Jacksonville Jaguars fans are the living embodiment of “down bad.” The game thread at Big Cat Country was pretty sparse, and this game was pretty damn boring so this isn’t going to be your normal Enemy Reaction.

Here’s the recap of how the Seattle Seahawks beat down Jacksonville to end their losing streak.

Geno Smith leaps over the line for a 4th and goal touchdown (7-0 SEA)

Quandre Diggs picks off Trevor Lawrence (7-0 SEA)

DK Metcalf goes up and gets it over Shaquill Griffin (14-0 SEA)

The Big Cat Country Live Blog

...This was tweeted/published at halftime

DK Metcalf gets his 2nd touchdown of the game (24-0 SEA)

Travis Homer gets a rare onside kick return touchdown (31-7 SEA FINAL)

Post-Game: Jaguars embarrassed in Seattle (Jordan de Lugo, GenJag)

What didn’t go wrong? Amirite?

But, seriously, here are my top areas of concern following a truly devastating 31-7 loss in Seattle.


Where to begin? I’m really not sure.

The Jaguars struggled to line up on Sunday. Defensively, they had twelve men on the field two plays in a row at one point. Offensively, Trevor struggled to get the ball snapped in time. In total, the Jags racked up 12 penalties for 93 yards. It’s tough to compete with numbers that bad. Sure, the players need to execute, but the coaches have to get these guys to a place where they can line up properly.

How ‘bout Tavon Austin running a deep crosser from the slot that led to an interception. I have questions. Why is Tavon on the field and in the slot instead of Jamal Agnew? Or Marvin Jones? Why is Luke Farrell lined up on the outside? Why do you design a play for a backup receiver instead of Jamal Agnew, who has been somewhat of a revelation catching passes over the last few weeks?

Where’s Andre Cisco? This week, Urban Meyer told the media that they needed to get the man on the field at safety. He proceeded to play three total defensive snaps. This is a defense that’s getting roasted in the passing game week in and week out, and you’re leaving your most talented cover safety off the field. OKAY.

All this after your bye week ... Yikes.

Post-Game Video: “Urban Meyer coming off his bye week had this team totally unprepared” (UCF Jaguar)

Enemy Preaction: Green Bay Packers

Well that was grim. I feel sorry for Jaguars fans. They have had maybe 6-7 really good years in franchise history and a whole lot of shittiness.

Up next are the Green Bay Packers, who may or may not have Aaron Rodgers for that game. Seattle hasn’t won at Lambeau Field since 1999, so if there was ever a time to end that drought it’s now. I don’t think Seattle can get away with not winning at least two of their three November games, even with the NFC as underwhelming as can be beyond the top five teams.

But reinforcements should be coming soon, and of course numero uno is Russell Wilson but don’t forget about Dee Eskridge. There’s still a chance to salvage this season, but the margin for error is minimal.

Enjoy the bye week and go ‘Hawks!