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Twitter reacts to Rashaad Penny’s two-touchdown day with fervor

Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

On December 1st we recounted that Rashaad Penny is the worst #27 draft pick since 2012, by career AV.

Every first-round pick that doesn’t perform gets disproportionately flamed by the fanbase. Yet two weeks and two touchdowns later, the world is (nearly) prepared to sing a different song about the most divisive player not on injured reserve.

Penny himself said he paid too much attention to social media, which would have been, let’s just say, not encouraging.

But now? He’s clearly going to lead your fantasy football team into glory.

Penny had a career game against the Houston Texans with 137 yards and 2 touchdowns, and the world went ape.

In all seriousness, a large part of the Twitter reaction was tempered by years of letdown. The explosive play ability has always been there, and was mentioned frequently, albeit with metered optimism.

Perhaps it’s not so cool to rain on a 3.75 year overdue arrival party, but this was the NFL’s 32nd ranked rushing defense. People have waited so long for Penny to run the way a luxury first-round pick taken with Chris Carson still in his prime was expected to run.

But a good game covers a multitude of sins, and we’re being nice to Penny online now so long as it helps.

Finally, the question that everyone knows is coming, knew must consider if this type of game happened, but absolutely nobody wants to deal with:

What does this mean for the future of Seattle Rashaad Penny?

This truly comes at an incredibly interesting juncture. Neither Carson nor Penny can stay healthy. What do you do with a guy who has been three years of inactive potential sitting on the roster? Not at all envious of those who have to make the decisions here, but Penny hopes to string together a big half season and make the conversation spicy.