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Tyler Lockett is cementing his status as one of the Seahawks’ all-time great receivers

Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

There are only two players in Seattle Seahawks franchise history who have managed three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. You damn well know Steve Largent is one of them, but the other one? Tyler Lockett.

Yes, even in a season where the Seahawks have had a hard time generating a consistent offense, Lockett is quietly in the top-10 in receiving yards. Last Sunday’s win over the Houston Texans was his fifth time reaching the century mark, and that’s a new single-season career high for the former Kansas State star.

Lockett is 8th in the entire NFL in total receiving yards and 6th in yards per reception (16.5). Given the difference between 8th and 4th is a mere 31 yards, there’s a very real chance Lockett could end up in the top-5 when the season is over. And of the current top-10 receivers in yardage, only Deebo Samuel (who’s essentially become a running back more than a receiver as of late) and Ja’Marr Chase have fewer receptions than Lockett’s 62. Football Outsiders’ DVOA has him at 7th among all WRs with at least 50 catches and 6th in DYAR.

Looking at the franchise record books, Lockett has an outside shot of overtaking Darrell Jackson for 3rd all-time in Seahawks receiving touchdowns, and he only needs four catches to move past him for 5th in total receptions. If this offense catches fire and Lockett is the centerpiece of all of the scoring, he might just be able to surpass his old teammate Doug Baldwin for 2nd, but 8 touchdowns over four games might be pushing it.

After an electrifying rookie year, Lockett was relegated to 3rd and sometimes 4th option on the depth chart in 2016 and 2017, and obviously his 2016 ended with a horrible broken leg that made the following season a lot more difficult to play through. With Doug Baldwin’s injuries impacting what proved to be his final season in the NFL, Lockett emerged as Russell Wilson’s top option in 2018 and his efficiency was perfect.

While DK Metcalf has sort of become a 1a/1b partner at receiver alongside Lockett, the latter has remained Seattle’s most consistently efficient receiver with his targets and it’s not just because he’s played almost his entire career with Russ as his QB. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Lockett put up an outstanding 12 catches for 142 yards with Geno Smith under center.

It has been a joy and an honor to watch Lockett’s entire tenure in Seattle. Hopefully unlike Doug Baldwin (himself a Seahawks legend), he’ll have many more years of productivity to come — yes, ideally with Russ still at QB — and while Largent’s records figure to be untouchable, Lockett may just wind up having 2nd spot all to himself when all is said and done.