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Russell Wilson’s ongoing relationship with the Why Not You Academy

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Nearly a month ago, I published an article on Field Gulls that seemingly flew completely under the radar. It received one comment, and it was a sarcastic comment at that.

I didn’t mind though. I had a personal connection to the primary topic and I was proud of the article. I even shared the link with my mother.

End of story, right?


A week and a half later, ran a similar article ... so to speak.

Here’s my article: “Why not you?” The bold question that launched a Hall of Fame career, a foundation and a school.

And here’s the article that was published: Russell Wilson To Represent Why Not You Academy During Seahawks’ My Cause My Cleats Game.

Both articles start out talking about Seattle’s franchise quarterback but spend the majority of the word count on a charter school south of Seattle.

What are the odds?

Answer: Better than the Seahawks’ odds against the Rams this Sunday. (ba-dum-tss)

Here’s where it gets interesting ...

As we all know, Seattle’s beloved hometown team is spending the week getting ready to face off against their current nemesis, the FTRs, in what is arguably the most must-win game of the season - at least for those of us who still believe the Seahawks could make the playoffs.

And where did Mr. Russell Carrington Wilson spend (part of) his day off?

Yep! At a charter school south of Seattle that just so happens to share a name with his charitable foundation which serves, in part, as a loving tribute to his father.

Speaking of fathers ...

At 2:35pm on Tuesday afternoon, my youngest son sent me a text - a text with no words, just a slightly out-of-focus photo:

Having been in that room a number of times, and having previously lived in the apartment complex that is visible through the window, no words were needed.

Whatever I was working on at the time was instantly forgotten.

Russell Wilson was at my son’s school, talking to him and his classmates. (Admittedly, I might have jumped in my car and driven there if the school weren’t 45 minutes away, in traffic.)

Despite a long series of back-and-forth texts, I have no idea how long RW3 was at the school, what topic(s) he talked to the students about, or whether he talked about how Seattle plans to attack the Rams on Sunday. What I do know is that Russell Wilson didn’t arrive empty-handed: At the end of the assembly, each of the 100 or so 9th graders that comprise WNYA’s inaugural class received a backpack full of goodies.

Note: Because I know that some of the kids are planning to share the goodies with loved ones as part of an upcoming holiday, I will not reveal what was IN the backpacks. I will say that it’s a pretty neat collection of gifts though.

Whether or not RW3’s spirit of giving will lead to a win on Sunday, only the football gods know for sure. Either way, it’s good to see him taking time to connect with the community.

As a writer, a parent, and a fan, I would like to say, “Thank you, Russell Wilson.”

Go Hawks!