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Seahawks activate Tyler Lockett from COVID list

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Tuesday the Seattle Seahawks dropped the divisional matchup to the hated Los Angeles Rams 20-10, with the offense sputtering and unable to move the ball for much of the game. The loss didn’t officially put the Hawks playoff chances to bed, but those postseason dreams are dead enough that even if Seattle wins out there it would be almost impossible for them to make the postseason.

In any case, whether having Tyler Lockett on the field against the Rams would have made enough of a difference for Seattle to come away from the game with a victory or not can be debated for however long fans like. However, now it’s time for the Seahawks to turn their attention to Week 16 and their matchup against the Chicago Bears, and a game for which it appears they are now likely to have the services of Mr. Lockett.

So, while it took a bit longer than fans had hoped, Lockett has now cleared protocols and been moved back to the 53 man roster.