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The Seahawks 2022 Discount Team

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have effectively been eliminated from the playoffs, and far earlier than the Wild Card round.

With the team the way it currently is, signing a free agent or two isn’t going to get it done. I’m not at all convinced they will tear things down next year, nor are they close enough without doing something drastic. It’s an awkward situation. But if they do go for broke, here’s where they’re saving the most money.

The Seattle Rookie Contract Team

These are the easy choices. These are the guys drafted in the last three years who have earned a starting spot.

RT Jake Curhan. 2022 Cap Hit: $834,500

Right Tackle is a punching bag in Seahawks fandom, and I wish him the best. Curhan looks promising so far, and would be an incredible feel-good indictment on a team that can’t seem to draft linemen with any consistency to start one next season as an undrafted.

WR Dee Eskridge, though at this point it’s only because he’s super fast and a second-round pick. It won’t be until next year when he gets a break when we get to see what Eskridge after the concussion looks like.

LB Jordyn Brooks. Obviously. 2022 Cap Hit: $1.4 million

G Damien Lewis. Also obviously. 2022 Cap Hit: $1.3 million

DE Darrell Taylor, Alton Robinson. Yay. 2022 Cap Hit: $1.8 and $1 million, respectively

NCB Ugo Amadi. I had Amadi on this list with a question mark while putting it together, but after Tuesday night I’m ready to be done with him. He’s had some pretty impressive games - primarily from 2020 - but five of his six career worst games by passer rating allowed have been this season. He’s infuriatingly unreliable in big moments, one of the worst offenders on third down on a team that has many worthy contenders.

WR I assume the team (Russell Wilson) is interested in Freddie Swain over Penny Hart at this point. 2022 Cap Hit: $900,000

WR DK Metcalf. 2022 Cap Hit: $4.3 million (Editor’s Note:

Yes, we just witnessed the biggest disconnect between he and Wilson in a noticeably disconnected year. But what, are you actually going to trade him? He’ll be here next year. Banking that Wilson is actually broken and that a contender with a better quarterback wants him right now is a dumb business risk.

CB Tre Brown. He’s very good. 2022 Cap Hit: $985,000

Total: $11.6 million for nine starters.

My honorable mention here would be RB DeeJay Dallas at $1 million. He’s likely going to make next year’s team, though just as likely not going to move any higher on the depth chart. Whatever becomes of Chris Caron’s injury and Rashaad Penny’s contract, Pete Carroll will grab somebody who could easily supplant Dallas.

I recognize L.J. Collier will fall under the rookie contract scenario, but at $3.4 million next year and inactive for most of this year, I do not consider him a bargain in the least. He’s like a cheaper Eddie Lacy on defense.

So there you have it, in writing once again. Nine key contributors from 2018 and on, one of whom being undrafted and a key contributor for all of the last two games, is not quite enough. This is part of what brought us to this season. But, there are quite a few names on the list from 2020 and 2021 drafts, which is reason to hope whatever cliff John Schneider fell off for five years did indeed have a way back out.