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Seahawks elevate Tyler Mabry, Cody Thompson and three defensive players

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks take on the Chicago Bears in a matchup that will see the two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks from the 2012 NFL Draft class face off against one another. However, while both of the quarterbacks have led their teams to victory on the biggest stage in the past, when they take to the field in Week 16, there will not be much at stake.

That said, even though the game is almost assured not to carry any meaningful impact on the NFC standings, for several players it will be a chance to show what they can do when allowed to see the field. In particular, with the Seahawks still having five members of the 53 man roster on the COVID list, the team turned to the practice squad Saturday afternoon to build out the depth necessary for when they take on the Bears.

So, the Seahawks have elevated Myles Adams, Josh Jones, Tyler Mabry, Edmond Robinson and Cody Thompson, all of whom will be available to the team Sunday against the Bears.