It's Not About 3rd Down, Stupid

I have no doubt that in the press conferences this week, we'll be told again that the Hawks' main issue is 3rd down. If they can just fix that, they'll be fine.

But why is it that this season we have consistently lost on 3rd down, both of offense and defense?

The answer should be obvious. 3rd down is the money down, it's the down where you don't live to fight another day if you lose the down, where there's a clear all or nothing on a line to make or defend.

We're bad on 3rd down because we're a bad football team.

We're not talented enough and we're executing poorly. Bad team.

The team has deteriorated year after year to the point that we now have below average talent, couple with a vanilla scheme on defense. It has to be on Pete. With no Russ magic to bail him out.

Pete did this city a huge service making so many people here happy for a long period of time. I hope she shows the good sense and grace to move on. We'll put his name on a street and I'll be there for the unveiling.

But please just retire Pete, so we can start over.