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Pete Carroll and Jody Allen ‘on the same page’: Seahawks will not rebuild

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

On his most recent appearance on 710 ESPN Radio Seattle, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had some strong words on a very popular topic of discussion recently: Should the Seahawks rebuild?

Pete Carroll made his statement clear: “Not for one reason at all am I thinking that we have to restart this whole thing.”

Carroll has also had some very controversial philosophies that have had success, and also not had success, on both offense and defense. In addition, in answering the same question he brought up that, “(We won’t) create a new philosophy and a new approach.” He was also asked if all the way up at the top of the organization, owner Jody Allen, also agrees with his thoughts about the future and if she has been involved in those decisions. The short answer: yes and yes. The long answer:

The main quote to take from Carroll’s discussion of Jody Allen’s involvement in the team was after Pete was asked if she agrees with his sentiment that the Seahawks do not have to rebuild, to which Carroll said, “We’ve been on the same page about everything that’s going on since she took over.”

Jody Allen, of course, took over the reins following her brother Paul Allen’s passing in 2018. After all of the moves and the Russell Wilson rumors the past few offseasons, this is sure to be one of the more important offseasons for Seattle.