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Enemy Reaction 2021: San Francisco 49ers (Act II)

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It took awhile, but the Seattle Seahawks finally got their first win since Russell Wilson’s return from injury. I suppose it’s only fitting that Wilson’s first post-injury win is against the same team as his last win pre-injury, and the team that he has owned throughout his entire career.

It’s time for another rousing San Francisco 49ers edition of Enemy Reaction. You know the drill, Niners Nation is here to provide you the meltdown you can’t help but watch.

Travis Homer scores on fake punt return touchdown (7-0 SEA)

Gerald Everett fumbles, 49ers recover (7-0 SEA)

George Kittle ties it up on the next play (7-7)

Bobby Wagner picks off Jimmy Garoppolo, we’ll ignore what happened after that (7-7)

Elijah Mitchell gives the 49ers the lead (14-7 SF)

Adrian Peterson gets his first touchdown as a Seahawk (17-14 SF)

George Kittle turns into tightrope walker for his second touchdown (23-14 SF)

Dee Eskridge scores his first NFL touchdown (23-21 SF)

Nick Bellore forces fumble on kickoff, Travis Homer recovers (23-21 SF)

Gerald Everett drops touchdown and somehow turns it into an interception (23-21 SF)

Carlos Dunlap ties it up by sacking Jimmy G for a safety (23-23)

Quandre Diggs picks off Jimmy G (23-23)

Tyler Lockett gives the Seahawks the lead (30-23 SEA)

Gerald Everett fumbles again, this time right near the goal-line (30-23 SEA)

Sidney Jones not flagged for defensive pass interference on 3rd and goal (30-23 SEA)

Carlos Dunlap with the pass deflection, Seahawks win! (30-23 SEA FINAL)

Ref Whine Time!

Post-Game: ‘What a f—king nightmare’ (Unca_Chuck, Niners Forever)

Don’t really want to rehash the f—king car-wreck that was this game, but yeah, what a f—king nightmare. Everyone caught a whiff of the stench that is this loss. Special teams, offense, defense, coaching, and officiating.

Funny thing is, we had a 23-14 lead late in the 2nd quarter. Then we proceeded to give up 16 unanswered points. Seems like the missed extra point really derailed our team. Whatever. Crazy f—king shit always happens in Seattle. Most consistently terrible is the officiating.

Seattle of course played this balls-to-the-wall as they always do against us, and Russell Wilson is 16-5 in his time as the Seattle QB. and we are 1-11 in our last 12 games there. So I guess we should be happy they are out of the playoff hunt if we somehow make it, we won’t have to end up in our little stadium of horrors.

Plusses are Kittle and Aiyuk both getting involved in the offense. The D created a lot of turnovers, and if not for the special teams giving away 8 points, well, the outcome may have been different.

Post-Game Video: Fire the special teams coordinator (Grant ‘Pete Carroll is Jeff Fisher 2.0’ Cohn)

Enemy Reaction BONUS: Vikings and Lions fans react to game’s final play

Another classic. It’s amazing how I’ve done these for a decade and the theme is almost always the same when it comes to 49ers games and 49ers games only. Worst Seahawks team we’ve seen in a long time and they still sweep the 49ers for the 10th time since 2002.

Just as a programming note: If Seattle wins this Sunday (and they better damn win) we’re gonna skip Enemy Reaction for the Texans because their game threads are bare and there is not another team in the NFL that is more downtrodden right now. I’ll make it up some other way and maybe look around the rest of the league as a compromise.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!