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Russell Wilson shoots down latest report listing preferred trade destinations

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, the sports media world worked itself up into a frenzy yet again over more Russell Wilson trade rumors, this time peddled by podcaster Jordan Schultz. Schultz suggested that Wilson is most interested in New York, Denver, and New Orleans as potential trade destinations.

Frankly, given the person it came from, I was never convinced that this was real news, and Wilson dispelled the nonsense at his press conference on Thursday.

While I’m still convinced that there was pretty significant discord between Wilson’s team and the Seahawks this past offseason, I get the sense that this has all settled down, even with the team’s struggles. Seems to me like Schultz either has bad sources or was just trying to stir up an old news cycle. Whatever the reason, Wilson and his camp have now quickly shot it down.

In addition, even if this report did come from a more reputable source, none of the organizations named make a ton of sense for Russ in my mind right now. The New York Giants are a horribly-run franchise that’s going nowhere and likely to have a new GM in a few weeks according to reports. The Denver Broncos have a very good defense, but Russ wouldn’t have the offensive star-power there that he does in Seattle. The destination that makes the most sense is to join the New Orleans Saints, but they have serious money issues and just gave Taysom Hill an egregious new contract. All in all, even though the Seahawks current regime may have issues (in terms of offensive philosophy and draft strategy), there are simply way more pieces for Russell to build around here than any of these so-called destinations, and in an environment in which Wilson has already experienced high levels of success.