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Can you name every Seahawks player who’s scored a touchdown in the Pete Carroll era?

Cincinnati Bengals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

I think we could use some levity mixed in with trivia knowledge to end what’s been a pretty drama-filled week.

Pete Carroll has been the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks for eleven seasons, and during that span a grand total of 84 players have scored a touchdown (regular or postseason) during his reign. That’s a lot of players and many of them you probably don’t even remember being on the team.

Or do you?

Seahawks fan Timmy Crandall created this Sporcle quiz to test your Seahawks knowledge. You have exactly 12 minutes to name everyone who’s scored a touchdown in the Carroll era. To make things easier the hints include number of touchdowns scored as well as the position they played and the length of their stay (or stays) in Seattle. Any Sporcle veteran knows that your shortcut is typing in the last name... and you may just get multiple answers out of it, too.

As someone with scarily sharp recollection of most Seahawks games (including the shitty ones) even I couldn’t get all 84. I topped out at 79 and two of them were wide receivers that I should’ve gotten.

So you give it a shot in the link provided and report back with your final tally. I really have no choice but to use the honor system but don’t cheat and if you report your results in the comments section then please use the spoiler feature in Coral to hide the names you missed.