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John Schneider has a fascination with tight ends

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

John Schneider has a problem.

The long-term general manager of the Seattle Seahawks has not enjoyed much success in drafting two offensive positions in particular: running back, and tight end.

Seattle has only taken the following seven tight ends in 10 years of Schneider drafts:

(Much like Sullivan, Konz got some run as a defensive end)

To be fair they’ve actually taken a few good backs besides Chris Carson, and then kindly let them play well for other teams (Spencer Ware, Alex Collins). By and large, however, Schneider has been on a fruitless hunt for a lead rusher.

More surprising but no less intense, is John Schneider’s search for a tight end. This one, though, has seen Schneider turn to other teams in his quest. It’s also growing of late.

After only drafting three tight ends in five years, the Seahawks took Nick Vannett in the third round, the highest they’ve ever drafted a TE. Then another in 2018, and two last year.

By and large, Schneider has also been turning to other teams in his efforts. Obviously the infamous Jimmy Graham 2015 trade stands at the forefront, but it’s not alone.

Way back in 2011 they signed Zach Miller in free agency. In 2018, they signed Ed Dickson in free agency with the hope of making him the lead tight end at 31 years old. In 2019 Schneider traded for Jacob Hollister, and made him in regular part of the offense. 2020 remains the one that gets me as they joined the early sweepstakes for 35-year old-Greg Olsen, and then drafted two TEs.

All of this comes peppered with what multiple different times they’ve given a look at Luke Willson.

Despite this surge, more than a few have also had inclinations that Seattle will look at this position yet again.

Whatever John Schneider is looking for, it seems important and as though he hasn’t found it yet.