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What Shane Waldron said at his first Seahawks press conference

NFL: JAN 31 Super Bowl LIII - Rams Press Conference Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

New Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron had his introductory press conference on Tuesday, and I know you’re all wondering just how much detail he’d provide with a mere seven months to go before the next regular season begins.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t all that interesting. Most of these press conferences are not interesting and it’s why I usually don’t watch them live. But out of curiosity I tuned in to see if Waldron would slip up and say “establish the run” and he did not, so I consider this to be a roaring success.

So as for what he actually did say, Waldron really played it close to the vest and really it is unreasonable to expect him to roll out what the Seahawks offense will actually do when we haven’t even hit free agency yet. Waldron said that “there was so much philosophical alignment” between him and Pete Carroll during the interview process, which is again something I hope is the case given Carroll supposedly had philosophical differences with Brian Schottenheimer.

In Waldron’s case, he pointed to “it’s all about the ball” and limiting turnovers, which is something Jared Goff did not do over the past two seasons, as well as playing fundamentally sound football. He also stressed the need for balance but reiterated that this doesn’t have to mean conservative football. His vision of offense involves making sure that you keep close tabs on even high school football as creativity from there can often elevate to college and then the pros.

On Russell Wilson:

On how much of Schotty’s offense will be a part of his offense:

On how much autonomy he’ll have under Pete Carroll:

On analytics:

I should add that Waldron did approach the analytics question by talking about how much football has evolved and that he’ll also make decisions based on a mix of the data available and game feel/flow.

Waldron had much praise for Sean McVay during his time with the Los Angeles Rams and noted that McVay gave him opportunities to call plays in preseason and in scrimmages, although this season will be his first time in actual regular season games.

You can listen/watch the whole replay of the live stream below, including the technical difficulties that wiped out about a minute or two of answers.