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Four Seahawks plays make NFL’s Top 100 Catches of 2020

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The NFL released its Top 100 catches of the 2020 season, with playoffs included as well as interceptions. Hell, they even cheated a bit by having Tyreek Hill’s circus catch against the Denver Broncos count even though it was both not ruled a catch and the Chiefs never challenged the play (which would’ve been successful).

I’ll spoil the video for you right away and say that #1 was the DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary catch against the Buffalo Bills. That’s really a no-brainer considering he was surrounded by three Bills and none of them was even named O’Brien. You didn’t need to guess at that to figure out what was the catch of the year.

As for the Seattle Seahawks’ involvement, there were only four catches that made it on the list and three of them were Tyler Lockett grabs against the Arizona Cardinals. Coming in at #90 was his touchdown in the home game vs. Arizona. His next appearance was his diving one-handed grab in the first meeting in Glendale, and his ridiculous toe-tapping hat trick TD in the same game. Those catches were ranked #49 and #43 respectively.

But the top of the Seahawks’ list was fittingly #12, when Russell Wilson found David Moore for this absurdly tight touchdown against the New England Patriots. The catch probability was just 6.3%.

There were of course a few plays against the Seahawks that made the Top 100, including George Kittle’s one-handed grab in Week 17, as well as the Richard Rodgers Hail Mary in garbage time of the Seahawks-Eagles Monday Night Football matchup.

I personally think DK Metcalf’s 4th down winning touchdown versus the Minnesota Vikings was a snub both for magnitude and the fact that it was a diving grab in traffic on a rainy night.

The full video can be seen below although I bet YouTube will tell you to go watch it on YouTube since the NFL is super lame about its rules: