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Sam’s Film Room: Why I like Shane Waldron and the Seahawks’ new run scheme (Part 1)

The Seattle Seahawks fired Brian Schottenheimer and hired Shane Waldron as their new offensive coordinator. Waldron coached under Sean McVay with the Los Angeles Rams as their passing game coordinator and will now lead Pete Carroll’s offense. For this video, I first looked back at what the Seahawks did under Schottenheimer by tracking Chris Carson’s last 67 runs of the 2020 season. I then discussed how the new scheme under Waldron is both similar and different.

My main takeaway from the film was that there will be a shift from primarily using shotgun inside zone to running single back outside zone under Waldron. While this change may seem drastic considering that the Seahawks have used a decent number of trap and man-blocking assignments with their offensive line, they are already running many of the plays that Waldron ran in Los Angeles. Not only are they running them, but they are actually running them well.

This video is over 11 minutes long. I wanted to take a deep dive into the most frequently called plays and give you a breakdown on everything you need to know going forward from a play-calling perspective. I also discussed Mike Solari, Damien Lewis, and the offensive line in general in how they fit going forward.

Note: This is Part I of this two-part video series. Part II will be on the pass game and how this run game pairs to create big plays. I hope you enjoy it!

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