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Wilson’s Agent: Russ has not demanded trade, but has list of preferred teams

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images


So I just wrote earlier that, according to very reliable reports considering that the source is The Athletic, Russell Wilson’s camp approached the Seattle Seahawks for a potential trade. However, possibly the most reliable source of all Adam Schefter tweeted out that Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, says that Russ has not demanded a trade.

While part of the story in this report is that Wilson will only go to the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders, and Chicago Bears, It is quite possible that what we are looking at here is a showdown of phrasing and word choice. Rodgers says that Wilson has not “Demanded” a trade while The Athletic said that Wilson’s camp “Approached the Seahawks for a potential trade.”

Both of these can co-exist, as Wilson may not be demanding a trade but his people still approached the Seahawks about the possibility of a trade. So, this is still a sticky situation and I’m never going to listen to a team or agent whenever they say “(Insert star player) wants to play in (Insert current team’s city).”