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Welcome our new Field Gulls staff writers!

Whoever has “Corona” in their name Photo by Ulrike John/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks aren’t the only ones who are reshuffling their staff!

As we reach the end of this whirlwind 2020 NFL season, I’d like to formally introduce a couple of new members of the Field Gulls team while also wishing farewell to one of the site’s best ever contributors.

First up is Frank T. Raines, known to many of you as “sabaac1” before we made him change his username. We have a lot of insightful commenters who often make their way onto the front page through their thoughts in the comments section and/or fanposts, so that’s an in-house hire.

Also on board is Willie Keeler, who’s apparently our oldest hire ever at 149 years old. I’ve yet to ask if he’s the same Willie who won two National League batting titles in 1897 and 1898. That’s an oversight on my part. Willie was a contributor over at 12th Man Rising and currently manages Sodo Mojo, which is all about the Mariners. Maybe this is the year they finally make the playoffs. If not then MLB may need to expand the postseason to include every team in order for the drought to end.

Their respective initiations will involve John P. Gilbert relentlessly shitposting them until they flinch. I wish them good luck and hopefully you give Willie and Frank warm welcomes. Heckling Gilbert is allowed.

Sadly, as many of you probably found out on social media a couple of weeks ago, Deputy Editor Alistair Corp left Field Gulls at the end of January to pursue other endeavors. There were no philosophical differences to be had here, so don’t go speculating! We already miss him around these parts and I can unequivocally say that in nine years as a paid writer he’s one of the best people I’ve ever worked with.

I want to thank everyone who read and listened to our work over the past several months, hell even dating back to when we were covering the XFL’s Seattle Dragons before the pandemic began. We look forward to providing you with more extensive offseason coverage before we head into the 2021 Seahawks campaign. This post doesn’t signify the end of the hiring spree, either! You may see some more new (and maybe familiar) faces over the coming weeks.